Maghen Brown is an illustrator, artist and designer who draws wherever she goes as she observes the world and records her impressions and experiences. By working mainly on location she captures the life and energy of the moment. Somehow she manages to translate the chaos, motion and insanity of everyday life and organizes it into a 2 dimensional drawing that transports the viewer to the event and time. She blends documentary, reportage style observations, with personal experience, perception, and culture to create a visual statement. Maghen’s art is how she connects and tries to understand and then share. It is her way of communicating, telling a story, recording a memory and solving a problem. Her honest, intelligent, and personal work has been commissioned for editorial, advertising, textile and fashion as well as shown in many galleries. Maghen received a BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute and currently lives in Brooklyn surrounded by the energy and excitement which inspire her. When she's not drawing she loves spending time with her husband and two daughters Chloe and Lola Belle, trying new restaurants, doing yoga, cooking healthy meals, reading, and appreciating the beautiful things.


Maghen has worked for Time Out New York, The Utne Reader, Stocks and Commodities Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Juicy Couture, Express, BeBe, Victoria's Secret, DKNY Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger and shown her work at CBGB Gallery, The One Well and A Little Wicked among others...


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